Tai Chi for Nursing & Care Homes


“The response from residents has been amazing and they are really enjoying your classes and feeling the benefits already. I was unsure if they’d like it but thought it was worth the gamble , I’m really pleased I did…. So a very big thank you for the excellent work you have been doing.” – Kevin Hall, Activities Co-Ordinator, Sunrise Senior Living, Westbourne.

Robert is a delight to work with at Wickmeads, Care South as his enthusiasm and passion for Tai Chi shines through. The residents have no problem to engage with his teaching method and thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the class.” – Val Herbert, Activities Co-Ordinator, Wickmeads Nursing Home, Care South.

The Adapted Elemental Tai Chi Syllabus has been specifically designed to be delivered as Seated Tai Chi for nursing and care home residents.

The feel of the class emphasises the joy of movement, Tai Chi is about life, being in the moment and smiling!

Additional emphasis is on the individual residents, which makes the class very suitable for those with restrictive movement. Allowing residents that perhaps would not normally attend an exercise class to also enjoy the experience.

If not taking the opportunity to catch up on paperwork, Activity Coordinators frequently join in the classes and are enjoying the benefits of Tai Chi practice with their residents.

Each class runs up to 40 minutes depending on residents. Music is also included for additional cognitive engagement.

Robert has held seminars with Extend instructors to complement their existing skills and currently runs The Adapted Elemental Tai Chi Syllabus in nursing and care homes,  including for Colten Care, Sunrise and Luxury Care.

In over 7 years of teaching full time, Robert has taken over 2,000 seated Tai Chi classes across Dorset.

Published Studies on the Benefits of Tai Chi in Care Homes

The Nursing team of the School of Science and Technology in Hong Kong ran a number of pretest/posttest/control group studies on the psychosocial effects and health related quality of life effects of Tai Chi on nursing home residents*. They concluded;

“Tai Chi has unique characteristics as a health exercise that is particularly suitable for nursing home residents. The inclusion of Tai Chi exercise in elderly residential care practice is recommended.”



Free of Charge Taster Session

For Activity Coordinators interested in weekly or fortnightly classes contact Robert to book your free of charge taster session.

When chi flows smoothly, you are healthy, when spirit is clear, you are happy when nothing happens