Tai Chi for Business

While mainly used for well-being, Tai Chi at its root is a martial art, designed to give practitioners the mental tools to overcome conflict.

The very same tools gained from Tai Chi practice can be used to deal with the less obvious foes in the business world.

The Elemental Tai Chi Resiliance Workshop

Through 21 years of  Kung Fu training and 15 years in senior positions in the business world, Robert has condensed the practices that give the most benefit over the shortest time into a workshop that can run from 1.5hrs to a full day.

The workshop has been successfully run for corporates, SMEs and a set of fifteen workshops have recently been incorporated as a part of  three day leadership and management training for a pharmaceutical company.

The workshop is designed to give staff;

  • An understanding of the stress response
  • Immediate tools to deal with stress
  • A set of practices that can benefit staff in the mid to long term.

Delivered in a no nonsense approach that demystifies these eastern practices.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong gives you a feeling of ‘relaxed alertness’ so when confronted with anything stressful you are able to deal with it pragmatically while being mentally centred.

Ultimately this increases your employees resilience to stress. This feeling of being ‘in the moment’ stays with you after practice, improving the working day for employees and those they interact with.

Easy to learn, no equipment required and you don’t break into sweat, so work clothes can be worn. This makes Tai Chi  and Qi Gong one of the most accessible tools to improve employee well-being.

Contact Robert for pricing and more information.

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