Welcome to Elemental Tai Chi

btyElemental Tai Chi has been formed after years of training when Robert’s unquestionable passion for Tai Chi prompted him to leave the corporate world to teach full time in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas.

For 15 years Robert’s business career had progressed from Project Management, Senior Project Management to Head of Projects; however back in 2001 another path was started in parallel when Robert started studying Kung Fu, specialising in Tai Chi.

While working in the business world, Robert started teaching Tai Chi at a nursing home on a Saturday and from this, The Adapted Elemental Tai Chi Syllabus specifically for nursing and care homes was developed.
Along with teaching private students, two years after obtaining Senior Instructor status, it got to the point in Robert’s training where it was time to give something back and spread the benefits of Tai Chi to the local community.

This required letting go of the material attachments that came with the business career and a simpler life was started when Elemental Tai Chi was born and Robert started to teach full time.

Robert’s has been training with the same teacher for 21 years and with 9 years teaching full time his journey is continuing with more classes and being able to use his business experience running Resilience to Stress workshops for the business community.

“My greatest joy is seeing my students feel the benefits of Tai Chi, use them in everyday life and spread the word that this ancient practice, now more than ever, has a place in the modern world”

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