Online Seated Tai Chi for Nursing & Care Homes

Online Seated Tai Chi Classes for Nursing and Care Home residents.

Robert has taken over 2,500 seated Tai Chi classes in nursing and residential homes in ten years of full time teaching. Now classes are online The Elemental Tai Chi Syllabus has been a resounding success with residents and Activity Coordinators alike.

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Public Tai Chi Classes

Anyone can experience the benefits of Tai Chi.
Improved balance, improved fitness and reduced stress are just some of the reported benefits.

The non-strenuous movements engage body and mind in a moving meditation.

Ultimately, this allows us to feel more connected with ourselves and those around us, while increasing overall vitality.
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Tai Chi for Business

Used in businesses in China for decades, only recently is the western world recognising the wider benefits of this ancient practice including;

Improved resilience to stress
Increased productivity
Increased employee morale
Improved concentration

No equipment required, can be done anywhere, even at your desks.

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